Cincinnati Tax Attorney

Thomas J. Utaski is an experienced tax attorney specializing in tax issues commonly faced by taxpayers in the confusing world of tax compliance and tax controversy.  A former IRS agent, he has been providing thorough and professional services to Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana clients for over 30 years.  The office is experienced in resolving federal and most state tax issues.

Businesses often encounter uncertainty in the handling of business income taxes and payroll matters.  Individual taxpayers face complex tax issues with delinquent tax returns, Form 1040, Form 1041 and Form 940/941 reporting and filing issues, IRS audits, incomprehensible correspondence from the IRS, foreign account issueslevies, wages and garnishments, as well as federal tax liens.

Contact me personally, a former IRS agent, with any unresolved tax, audit or compliance matters or  tax controversy at (513) 563-4555 or via the contact page.